Welcome To

Jaxson Gourds and Scale

Who we are

We are Jaxson Gourds and Scale. A family-owned and operated artisan-based company since 2010. What started out as simply hang out time with family and friends working on Fair projects has now grown into a full-fledged multi-show business that keeps us busy year-round!

What we do

Our company is art and concept-driven. We work with multiple mediums such as paint, dyes, metal, leather, and even plants!

With our metals, we build unique and customizable armor and accents ranging from chain and dragon scale fantasy designs to our combat-ready armor. Our jewelry is built using both precious and non-precious metals for both fashion and functional usage.

When it comes to functional, we have put a 21st-century spin on one of the oldest known drinking vessels in history, GOURDS! Our gourds are capable of handling hot/cold, alcoholic, carbonated, and sugar-based drinks, they even hold water. As a natural product they come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. We have a huge variety for you to pick from, whether you are looking for a traditional look or something with a gorgeous design hand painted or dyed by our expert artists.

The leather work is mixed in throughout all of our products, either by being the bindings on our gourds, the rigging and structure for our armor, or by being its own piece entirely. Each leather piece is custom dyed, shaped, sewn, and tooled by our leather artist with her own unique style.

Our goal is to provide both high quality and unique items for any occasion. Whether that’s slaying your next ale at your favorite inn, standing tall at the end of a battle, or making sure every eye turns your way as you step into the room. We at Jaxson Gourds and Scale are ready to build for you!