Frequently Asked Questions

Scale Patterning Sheet

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How long are the tails?

  • Kids:approx. 10.5″ long
  • Small:approx. 16.5″ long
  • Medium:approx. 23″ long
  • Large:approx. 31″ long
  • Dragon:approx. 40″ long

How do you clean…

  • Do a quick rinse with warm water to remove any leftover drink
  • Fill 3/4th up with warm water (not scalding)
  • Add either vinegar, apple cider vinegar, bleach or thieves oil (amount varies depending on the choice of cleaner)
  • Let sit for ten minutes then shake making sure to clean all internal surface
  • Empty out cleaning water
  • Dry upside down
  • Store in a dry area without cork to allow airflow

For general cleaning:

  • Just spray down with water then dry off with a cloth

For deep cleaning:

  • Fill sink/bucket/bathtub with HOT water
  • Add BLUE Dawn dish soap (amount varies depending on the amount of water)
  • Submerge scale in the water (Note: if the scale is attached to leather do NOT submerge leather. either remove completely or make sure to submerge in a way that the leather is held outside of the water
  • While the water is still hot agitate the scale either by shaking the container or with your hand making sure the oils are released into the water
  • Either spray the scale off with warm water as you pull it out of the soak or make sure to do a dunk rinse after pulling it out of the cleaning water
  • Lay scale face down on a towel to dry

For general cleaning:

  • Take a damp cloth an wipe down the leather, then lay out flat to dry (Note: if hung to dry, leather may stretch)

For deep cleaning:

  • Take a clean cloth and use a leather cleaner or soap (We like to use Saddle Soap) to rub into the leather
  • Then take a damp cloth and wipe/rub away the soap and grime
  • If the leather feel dry, you can then rub oil into it (mink oil, neatsfoot oil, or other leather oil)
  • The easiest place to look for leather specific cleaning products is by finding shoe cleaning and polish suppliers (can even find it in stores like Walmart)

What size cork for my gourd?

The corks are a size 10 and can be picked up at most hobby stores

What kinds of liquids can my gourd handle?

Our gourds are fantastic, they will handle most any liquids that you might want to drink

  • Hot (Not boiling/under 140 degrees)
  • Cold
  • Alcoholic
  • Acidic
  • Carbonated
  • H2O
  • Juice

Why use stainless steel?

Our rings are made from saw-cut stainless steel. The stainless steel aspect is for greatly improving the strength and durability of the structure to our tops over the more commonly used aluminum rings most use in mass production. The saw-cut comes into play when you are judging the look and feel of a piece. Saw-cut rings allow for a perfect closure so the items can be worn directly against skin vs. the standard pinch cut rings that leave a jagged edge that could potentially irritate or cut the skin during direct contact.