Green & Silver Warrior Headband

There is not a more noble, honorable, smart, and devious house than that of House Slytherin! Show your pride in your house by getting this exquisite house color headband of Green and Silver. All our headbands are made using grade “A” latigo leather for that soft feel and perfectly anodized aluminum scales for long-lasting color. Whether it’s a day on the Quidditch field or a night at the Honeydukes these house headbands are Perfect for any situation, each headband is unique and made by hand for long comfortable wear.

Have a metal allergy? We are able to use hypoallergenic rivets upon request!

All our armor pieces are 100% handmade and fully customizable for any reasonable need.


In stock


  • Latigo band: 18″ to 20″
  • Tie cord: 10″ to 14″


  • Anodized Aluminum Scales
  • Brass rivets
  • Latigo leather


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